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Emmy finds her perfect home

It is always a sad situation when a stray comes to us and is not claimed by their people. But there is almost always a silver lining. Emmy’s story is a perfect example.

Emmy was found wandering in Richmond as a stray in July 2019. She had not been well cared for. Her teeth were in poor condition and, as a result, she required full dental extractions. 

Anna and Derek saw Emmy’s adoption post on RAPS’ website in October 2019, and days later were approved for our foster-to-adopt program. 

“Emmy has made herself quite at home,” says Anna. “I think she did right from the beginning.”

Emmy is so happy with her new home that she can’t keep in the excitement. 

“We take her with us on car rides most of the time and every time we drive into our underground parking when we get home, she makes these squealing excited sounds and shakes her head,” Anna tells us. “When we get to our door she can’t wait to get inside. She has such a cute fun-loving personality.”

It sounds like Emmy’s got Anna and Derek wrapped around her little paw.

“Our couch is up against the window sill and she knows all her treats are there, so every time we are all sitting together she will usually paw at one of the bags to ask for a treat. As soon as you reach for one she’s jumps up and down all excited, it’s cute to see. She’s definitely food motivated!”

Anna and Derek have been bringing Emmy to her veterinary appointments at the RAPS Animal Hospital and ensuring Emmy receives the best care. They are looking after her health conditions, in particular, her chronic discomfort from a previously fractured leg and an allergy-related skin issue. Anna and Derek have Emmy groomed every six weeks so she always looks extra cute. (The before-and-after pics are pretty astonishing!)

“On sunny days, we have brought her to the parks and beaches, which she loves,” says Anna. But she’s a bit of a diva in inclement weather. “On rainy days, she prefers not to get out and rather hop in the bag I carry her around in – luxury travelling!”

Adds Anna: “Oh I also forgot to mention she’s quite the drooler when she watches you eat! And you don’t realize how long a tongue she has! She’s just too adorable – hard not to love her to pieces!”

We wish Emmy, Anna, and Derek all the best for 2021 and beyond!

This happy ending is made possible because of folks like Anna and Derek, but also by everyone who supports RAPS so that we can save and improve the lives of animals like Emmy.