Stay up-to-date on what's happening at the Regional Animal Protection Society

Changes at the Regional Animal Protection Society

The Regional Animal Protection Society is changing and growing.

We operate the RAPS Adoption Centre, the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, the RAPS Animal Hospital and we are constructing the RAPS Dog Sanctuary.

We no longer operate the City of Richmond Animal Shelter.

For lost or found animals, please contact the SPCA at 604-709-4668.



If you would like to adopt an animal, or if you need to surrender an animal, RAPS is here for you.

We believe that where an animal lives should not determine whether an animal lives. When we were contracted by the City of Richmond to operate the City Animal Shelter, we were contractually obligated to accept animals only from within the City of Richmond.

We are now unencumbered by that limitation and we look forward to expanding the work we do throughout Metro Vancouver and all of British Columbia.

As we are in a time of transition, please be aware of a number of temporary conditions:

  • As we construct the RAPS Dog Sanctuary, we are unable to accept surrendered dogs or other animals. With the support of our community, we hope to open this state-of-the-art facility in the coming months. We will then look forward to welcoming and rehoming dogs. (Again, if you find a stray dog or have lost your dog, contact the SPCA at 604-709-4668.)
  • The RAPS Adoption Centre has cats available for adoption and is accepting surrendered cats and kittens. (Applicable surrender fees will be assessed based on an animal’s medical and other needs, as well as the probability of adoption and potential for requiring long-term care.)
  • Stray or surrendered small animals, birds, reptiles or others should be directed to the SPCA.