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RAPS Cat Sanctuary
Rescued from likely death, Pops now tops!

Six-year-old Pops was born with both back legs badly disabled, a victim of unethical breeding by an individual who was attempting to create a new breed of cat from which she could make a profit.

Because of his disability, as well as having FIV, Pops probably would have faced euthanasia in other jurisdictions.

Shortly after his arrival at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, Pops managed to cut or scrape one of his back legs and, because of his suppressed immune system, the infection got out of control extremely quickly. The difficult choice was made to amputate his leg before the infection spread any further and potentially to his internal organs. Like many animals, who are so resilient, Pops adjusted very well to losing his leg.

But Pops got another infection – this time it was on his nose – and it wasn’t healing.

We decided to try him in the hyperbaric oxygen therapy facility at the RAPS Animal Hospital – Canada’s only such veterinary facility. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can deliver anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and tissue-healing benefits, accelerating healing dramatically, especially in conditions involving an oxygen deficit. It seems to be working for Pops.

Thanks to the generosity of all the people who have supported RAPS over the past 25 years, we are able to provide animals like Pops the best medical treatment available.

All of this is possible because of your support!


RAPS Animal Hospital
Saving Samantha: A village comes together for a neglected dog

Vancouver actor Brea St. James rescued Samantha, a French mastiff, from a situation of horrific neglect.

The Good Samaritan brought Samantha to the RAPS Animal Hospital, where an initial exam discovered a range of infections and other issues in addition to a highly visible growth on her head. Samantha was about 50 pounds underweight.

In addition to RAPS’ doctors, a community of people came together, raising funds for Samantha’s needs and providing the care and attention she needed to heal.

During surgery to remove the tumour on Samantha’s head and to spay her, doctors discovered she had pyometra, an infection of the uterus. If surgery had been delayed by days or possibly even hours, Samantha would have died.

Instead, the surgery saved her life. Treatment in RAPS Animal Hospital’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy facility resulted in dramatic improvements in Samantha’s skin condition and other issues. She was brought up to a healthy weight.

Samantha was adopted by a family in Comox, where she is living the island life in a forever home surrounded by all the love every dog deserves.
Brea brought Samantha to RAPS because she was told that our community-owned, not-for-profit animal hospital specializes in helping animals and their people.

We are able to save the lives of animals like Samantha because you support RAPS!


RAPS Animal Shelter
Best intentions bring unanticipated consequences – 50 cats. No, wait, 60! No, it’s 70!

A Richmond resident was feeding stray cats but things got out of hand. A family member contacted RAPS and we rescued 50 cats and kittens.

Every adult female cat was pregnant. Within days of the rescue, the population of the colony had exploded to more than 70.

Our community mobilized. Volunteers helped feed and clean up after the kittens. Our veterinarians ensured every animal was in the best health possible. When old enough, each one was spayed or neutered.

We had more adoption applications than we had cats! Every one is now snug in a new, loving, forever home.

This was one of the biggest single rescues RAPS has undertaken in our 25-year history. It was possible only because of the support of our volunteers and donors. Thank you!