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A Holiday Ghost Story

We have a holiday ghost story but it’s not what you think.

In late October, a gentleman emailed the RAPS admin office requesting immediate help. He had rescued four cats that were living in a junkyard to take them in as his own and provide them a safe and loving home. He took the cats to his local veterinary clinic for health checks and an estimate on vaccinations and altering for all of them. Unfortunately, he was unable to afford the amounts quoted. The rescues consisted of two female cats and two male cats and one of the males had a testicle that was undescended (Cryptorchidism) – that makes neutering more complicated and costly.

Desperate and worried that he would not be able to provide a safe home for the cats, the man contacted RAPS asking if there was any way we could help him. We said yes. RAPS is a not-for-profit, community-owned vet facility. That means our bottom line is not profit but saving and improving the lives of as many animals as possible.

Examinations at the RAPS Animal Hospital showed that one of the female cats and one of the males were healthy – a spay and neuter surgery were scheduled. It was discovered that the male cat with the undescended testicle also had a badly broken tooth and an infection had set in. He also had a cyst on his face. The tooth was extracted, antibiotics prescribed and the cyst removed from his face. His cryptorchid neuter surgery was also performed.

When the female, Ghost, came in for her pre-spay exam, it was discovered she was in the early stages of pregnancy. Sweet Ghost went into foster care with our amazing volunteer, Kati DeGraaf, so this mama-to-be could rest comfortably until it was time to deliver her babies. She gave birth to two large and healthy ginger tabby kittens on Saturday, December 19. Mama and kittens are all doing very well and will remain with Kati until the wee nuggets are about eight weeks of age. At that point, the sweet little family will return to the RAPS Animal Shelter and receive their health checks, vaccines and deworming medication. Ghost’s babies will prepare to become adoption-ready and Ghost will be spayed and returned to reunite with her 3 feline siblings and her human mom and dad.

All this is possible because we have the support of people like you, who share our certainty that animals make our lives, families, neighbourhoods and communities safer, healthier and happier.

Your generosity all year round makes these happy stories happen!

Happy holidays and thank you!