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Kitten connections in high school

Part of RAPS’ important work in the community is educating young people about the joys and responsibilities of animal companions and safe human-animal interactions!

We recently visited Richmond High School’s “Studio 111,” a life-skills learning environment.

We introduced students to six remarkable kittens – Tango, Taco, Taquito, Twinkie, Toast and Toffee. These T-litter kittens are babies to Peggy, who was rescued along with the kittens from a dangerous life outside. We brought them to the RAPS City Shelter and made sure they were all in good health.

The connection between the kittens, the students and the staff at the school was pretty magical.

You can read more from the school’s perspective in this blog post. (Cute pictures too!)

While about half of Canadian households include companion animals, there is no requirement in any educational curriculum to learn about caring for them. We love sharing our devotion to animals with the next generations! When we see these humans and animal interact, we can rest assured the future is in good hands!