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Healthy and happy, Bailey finds forever home

Bailey came to RAPS as a stray in July 2019. We can never understand how or why some people do not claim their sweet animals, but no one came for her.

Bailey was not in ideal physical condition when she arrived. Her issues included obesity, cysts on eyelids, lumps on her leg, joint soreness (worsened by obesity) and a malformed paw. She was treated at RAPS Animal Hospital, put on a diet to bring her weight down and assigned a walking regimen with staff and volunteers. She began joint supplements to ease her joint pain.

In December 2019, Bailey was adopted by a wonderful family and she lives a joy-filled life with her human folks and her rescue cat sibling. Bailey recently had TPLO surgery and is recovering nicely.

Those who have the RAPS 2020 dog calendar will recognize Bailey’s beautiful face as November’s calendar girl!

We love happy endings … and Bailey’s story beings us lots of joy!