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Do you recognize these Muscovys?

The RAPS City of Richmond Animal Shelter is usually the temporary home to cats, dogs, rabbits, small mammals, birds and the occasional ferret or other less common companion animal who has somehow found themselves separated from their people. 

Muscovy ducks? Well, not so much. But right now we have two Muscovys, rather stunning specimens that are already Facebook famous. They’ve become familiar to Richmond residents as their presence in the pond at the Minoru Park did not go unnoticed. They cut a pretty striking figure sailing along the waters. The one with the very white head we’ve named Kassandra and the other is Alexios. 

The thing is, while they were happy as could be at Minoru Park, they are domesticated birds. They almost certainly came from a local farm and that means that they were at increased risk of predators in a place like the park. With winter coming, they might not be savvy enough to survive if they are used to sleeping in a barn or coop. Also, they could be considered an invasive species that could upset the ecosystem in the area. 

Our policy is to try to reunite them with their people or, failing that, find them an alternative farm home to live out their lives. 

Of course, bringing Kassandra and Alexios into the Shelter was easier said than done. When our animal control officer would get close, they could simply swim to the centre of the pond. If we did manage to get close, they took to flight. So it was no small accomplishment when our team member managed to capture them. 

Funny thing is, these two beauties are not the only ducks in our care right now. When they arrived, they joined three others who, to the best of our ornithological guesses, are Pomeranian ducks. The five of them are enjoying their time in the Shelter “swimming pool” and entertaining staff and volunteers with their extroverted personalities and amusing antics. 

If these unforgettable faces look familiar to anyone, we’re still trying to reconnect them. Meanwhile, we’re happy to see them make themselves at home at our Shelter.