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Volunteer of the Month – Marty Kramer

Our Volunteer of the Month is Marty Kramer, who volunteers at the RAPS Animal Hospital Thrift Store on Francis Road.

Marty is hard-working funny and is one of our experts – he knows everything about music and collectibles. He’s also an expert binner – these are the team members who explore the unpredictable surprises in the storage bins donated to us! He even identified a bomb. (For real. He discovered an actual bomb while sorting through one of the storage bins. Richmond RCMP sent their bomb squad to deal with it and it ended without incident!

He makes our store a fun and more exciting place to shop.

Marty has been volunteering for about a year.

“I heard that they were looking for volunteers and I thought I live close and it would be nice to volunteer there,” he says. “The staff is very friendly and great to work with. I get along with everybody. I really enjoy working there. I started off with a limited number of hours but then because of the fact that all my other activities ceased in the way of regular employment I found that I had extra time on my hands so I decided to come in as many days as I can.”

We are so grateful for Marty. Everything RAPS does for the animals and people is because we have the support of folks like Marty! Thank you and congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month.