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Happy Labour Day!

A special message from Eyal Lichtmann, CEO and Executive Director of the Regional Animal Protection Society

Labour Day is a time to celebrate workers and their contributions to the world. This year makes that extra special.

Perhaps we sometimes take for granted the work being done by all the people around us. This year, with the extraordinary challenges we have faced, it has been uplifting to see the explicit gratitude being given to frontline workers, first responders, nurses, doctors, everyone in the health sector and even those who, until recently, maybe we hadn’t thought of as putting their own safety on the line — like grocery store employees, pharmacists, food service providers and so many more.

Here at RAPS, we have been extraordinarily fortunate to have a team of devoted staff and volunteers who have stepped up through all the difficulties of the past few months to ensure that we do not miss a beat in the delivery of services that the animals in our care require and deserve. Thank you to everyone in every branch of the RAPS operation who have faced down the difficulties and carried on with the labour of love that is our work and our lives.

As we celebrate this weekend the impending conclusion of a most unusual summer and, with hopefulness for a healthy and successful return to a new kind of normal, let’s take time this weekend to be especially thankful and to celebrate workers in every field.

Happy Labour Day. And, in the words of Dr. Bonnie Henry: Be kind. Be calm. Be safe.