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Yet more happy endings

Huge rescue of 50+ cats and kittens last spring means forever homes – and new families

The huge rescue of cats from a hoarding situation earlier this year continues to result in happy endings! For two siblings, who arrived at the RAPS Animal Shelter at a mere two weeks old, that means finding a forever home with 16-year-old LingLing Deng, her two sisters and her mom and dad.

Star Wars fan LingLing named the siblings Luke and Leia. They are her first pets “if you don’t count fishes.”

The bonded pair have distinct personalities, she says.

“Luke is more clingy, he likes to cuddle, he likes to eat snacks and stuff. Leia is less clingy, she doesn’t really like to cuddle. She’s really active, eats a lot but is still super-sweet.”

The pair sleep together, play a lot and sometimes have to be broken up when their play-fighting gets out of hand.

LingLing admits to nerves when she brought the two home.

“I was really nervous because I wanted to provide them with the best home possible but I wasn’t exactly sure how,” she says. “So I got a lot of help and now I’m getting the hang of it.”

As LingLing prepares to head into Grade 11, she is reflecting on the joys and responsibilities of having companion animals.

“I feel really lucky that I got to adopt them both and I think they’re going to bring a lot of joy and happiness and it’ll be a good learning experience to take care of two kittens,” she says.