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Kittens galore!

The 50 cats and kittens RAPS rescued in early April are at various stages of their process in preparing for their forever homes.

Some kittens and adults have been adopted and others are getting any medical attention and routine treatments they require, including vaccinations and, when ready, spaying and neutering. With mamas giving birth since the rescue, we’re up to 71 felines! And there’s still one more litter on the way.

Meanwhile, amid all this commotion … along comes Maizie! Maizie is an amazing mom who was surrendered to RAPS with her kittens. Her EIGHT babies are 11 days old today. She is protective of her eight littles, who are with her in foster care. The kittens are feeding well and sleeping, gaining weight nicely. It is always a concern with such a large litter and a mum who is so young – she’s only about a year old herself – but they appear to be thriving.

Thanks to everyone in the community for your support as we love and nurture all these precious animals from our “springtime surprise”! You make possible everything we do!