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Update on Rescued Kittens and Cats – April 16, 2020

NUMBERS: Kittens just keep coming!

At the beginning of April, RAPS rescued 50 felines – 20 kittens and 30 adult cats.

The 20 kittens were in three litters, at least one of which was a “hybrid” litter of 8 kittens, in which a mama cat appears to have adopted an abandoned kitten from another mother.

Since the rescue, three cats have delivered kittens: two litters of four each, another of two kittens.

As the 30 cats are being examined at the RAPS Animal Hospital, we believe there are four more pregnant cats, possibly more. One cat is due to deliver within seven days and is now in foster care.

HEALTH: Good outcomes!

As the kittens and cats are examined by veterinary staff at the RAPS Animal Hospital, we are encouraged by the results. By and large, the felines are in good health. A litter of kittens had eye infections but, with treatment, these are under control and healing. Those who have been SNAP tested for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV; “feline AIDS”) and leukemia have so far come back negative.

Adult cats are being spayed and neutered. When kittens are eight weeks old, they receive treatments including vaccinations, de-worming, flea-prevention and a supplementary physical exam at the hospital.

FOSTERING: Thanks for stepping up!

RAPS, and the animals we serve, are so fortunate to enjoy the support of our animal-loving friends in the community. Fostering mamas and newborns is no easy task. Fostering pregnant cats and helping as the litter is delivered is even more challenging. Some kittens need to be hand-fed eight times a day. Thank you to the dedicated, experienced fosterers who have stepped up. We are so fortunate.

ADOPTIONS: Adult cats soon; kittens in six to 12 weeks!

The people of RAPS are deeply heartened by the enthusiastic response from the community to provide forever homes to the kittens and cats involved in this rescue. We have an overwhelming number of adoption applications for kittens. As the kittens come to adoption age, we will contact successful applicants to arrange meet-and-greets (with limited human-to-human interaction to respect social distancing guidelines).

As adult cats become available for adoption, their profiles will be posted on Petfinder.

Special request: As social distancing has required us to operate with limited staffing, we want to devote as much personal attention to the animals as possible, so we ask that you please not call the Animal Shelter except in cases of emergency. Instead, please contact us through the following:

Adoption applications and further information are available online. You can email us at: info@raspbc.com

CAN YOU HELP? There are so many ways!

We receive abandoned and stray animals nearly every day. The burden of caring for this extraordinary influx of animals is a welcome one. This is precisely why we are here and we are reminded of the roots of our organization, which began 25 years ago with a tiny group of deeply dedicated volunteers trapping and spaying-neutering feral cats in Richmond.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dramatic decline in the organization’s revenue. Our RAPS Thrift Stores are closed and the RAPS Animal Shelter is available to the public for emergencies only. The RAPS Cat Sanctuary is closed to the public. The RAPS Animal Hospital remains open as an essential service to the public (we are accepting all appointments), with protocols in place for minimizing human-to-human interactions. Please see rapsanimalhospital.com for COVID-19 details.

We estimate that veterinary and other care for these 50 rescued cats – now more than 60 and counting! – will be about $1,000 each.

  1. If you are able to support RAPS financially at this time, it will be deeply appreciated.
  2. If you can purchase items from our Animal Shelter Wish List or Cat Sanctuary Wish List, this will help us provide essentials to the animals in our care.
  3. Consider purchasing RAPS Animal Hospital Gift Cards – a $100 purchase brings as much as $150 value in veterinary services. It’s a valuable and meaningful way to show the animals and people in your life that you care during this challenging time. And it supports all the work RAPS does.

HUGE THANK YOU! Everything we do is possible because of the support of animal-loving people in our community. Now, more than ever, your generosity is irreplaceable in helping us save and improve the lives of animals!