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Newsletter April 2020 v2

Dear Friends of RAPS,

While most of us are at home or otherwise experiencing social distancing, RAPS has decided to create a regular weekly newsletter that you will receive each Saturday. (For an overview of RAPS’ response to COVID-19, click here.)

It’s because we miss you! Volunteers, friends, supporters, visitors to the RAPS Cat Sanctuary … we treasure you all and the animals also miss your kind visits.

In the meantime, we want to keep in touch. (If you don’t want to receive this weekly newsletter but want to stay on our list for occasional updates, email us at admin@rapsbc.com.

In this issue

  • Kitty Update
  • Gift Card Program & Video
  • Volunteer Week Celebration


Update on Rescued Cats and Kittens

Earlier this month, RAPS rescued 30 adult cats and 20 kittens. Since then, a few mamas have had their litters, bringing the total number of animals to a whopping TO BE UPDATED FRIDAY.

The kittens and cats are in good health. As they become available for adoption, you can find their profiles at rapsbc.com/adopt. You can also complete an adoption form there, whether you are considering a cat currently available or a kitten not yet ready for their forever home.

SPECIAL REQUEST: The RAPS Animal Shelter is operating with reduced staffing to allow social distancing. We are attempting to devote our resources to direct care for the animals. PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO INQUIRE ABOUT ADOPTING. PLEASE GO ONLINE at rapsbc.com/adopt. Thank you for your understanding.


RAPS Kitty Cam!

We have had a wonderful outpouring of support from the community. We estimate that caring for the cats and kittens in our “spring surprise” at $1,000 each. This is at a time when RAPS revenues are down due to COVId-19, the closure of our thrift stores and the range of economic factors affecting our community. We are extraordinarily grateful for the people who have stepped up at this time to support RAPS and help these cats and kittens.

As a little thank you … we have created the RAPS Kitty Cam! If you have some free time (rhetorical comment!), check out the bumbling, hopping, playing, rolling and in every way unbelievably cute kittens here.

The kittens have also become minor local celebs.
Here are news reports about them from CTV News and RichmondNews.


RAPS Animal Hospital Gift Cards Now Available

Up to $150 in value for $100

RAPS has just launched a Gift Card program and it’s amazing!

For $100, you or a friend can receive up to $150 in value at the RAPS Animal Hospital.

Find out all about it here and watch the fun video below.

It’s National Volunteer Week!

RAPS is all about the animals. But everything we do is possible because of the amazing humans who care.

RAPS is you, it’s us, it’s everyone who loves animals. The hundreds of volunteers who deliver individualized care to our hundreds of animals and perform a million other necessary tasks are the backbone of this organization!

So many continue to come out (respecting social distancing, of course) through this challenging time. And we are reminded how much the animals depend on the volunteers who love them.

In this most unusual time, let’s all take a moment to give a huge thanks to all the volunteers – RAPS volunteers and so many others in the community who do so much!

Hear what our volunteers say about their work with the animals and read the gratitude from our RAPS managers, here.

Here is an inspiring story about just one volunteer … though she does the work of many! Kati DeGraaf is a giant among volunteers. Read about her awesomeness here …