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Ways to Give

There are so many ways to help RAPS … many don’t cost you a cent!

RAPS saves and improves the lives of thousands of animals every year. We are able to do this not because we have one or two giant benefactors who bankroll our operations, but because we have thousands of caring individuals like you who donate their time, financial resources and goodwill in myriad small ways that, together, create an avalanche of love!

Because we are an organization that squeezes every penny from a donated dollar, your gift, no matter the amount, has an outsized impact on the work we do.

Everyone has something to give. And there are probably ways that you can help the animals that you haven’t even considered. Here are some of the ways you can help us save even more animals … and some of them are crazy easy!

Adopt or Foster

One of the primary reasons RAPS exists is to ensure forever homes for animals. If you are considering adding a family member, look online first then give us a call.


This one is obvious, right? Every charity needs money. But there are some particular ways to make giving easier and to make your gift go even further.

The simplest approach is a one-time gift. This is a boost to operations and is the life-blood of our organization. You can donate in person, online, by mail or over the phone.

You can commit to a monthly donation. This is crucial to RAPS because it gives us the confidence to plan financially knowing we can count on your support! For you, it is a convenient monthly amount that adds up to a nice tax receipt come tax time.

Nobody likes to think about a world without us in it. But leaving a gift in a will is a meaningful way to ensure that the things we care about continue to benefit after we are gone. Our legacy can ensure that RAPS continues to save and improve the lives of animals. We have financial advisors and lawyers who will discuss how your future gift can benefit you financially even today.

Maybe you don’t know that hundreds of companies offer employee matching programs. That means if your employer is one of them, every dollar you give will be matched by your company. Double the power of your giving! See if your employer is included here or ask at the office.

Canadian tax law makes it beneficial to donate gifts of securities (shares, bonds or units of mutual fund trusts) to a charity. Money goes to a good cause and you get a tax benefit. We have advisors who can walk you through this simple process. Email us at jonathan@rapsbc.com or call us at 604-242-1661.

Make a gift in honour or in memory of a loved one, human or animal, and we’ll send a nice card with your sentiments and you get a tax receipt and a nice warm feeling! Leave a note in the online comments section of the donor page, including how to contact the honoree and the message you’d like us to convey, and we’ll send a card. Or just email admin@rapsbc.com or call us at 604-242-1661.

Keeping hundreds of mostly unadoptable cats sheltered, fed, cared for and loved at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary costs money. Thanks to economies of scale and a small army of volunteers, though, it doesn’t cost a lot per animal! Your sponsorship of a cat ($25 a month … less than a coffee a day!) helps cover the expenses of that resident. You (or your grandchild or other designated individual) get a certificate and you can visit “your” cat Sundays at the Sanctuary!

Every year, RAPS creates beautiful calendars – one featuring cats, one featuring dogs – of the spectacular animals we have helped. They make most excellent holiday gifts and your friends will remember your generosity all year round while being warmed by the photos of majestic or adorable animals!

Social enterprise has been a vital part of the RAPS Model … We operate two thrift stores, both located in Richmond, with 100% of revenue going directly into services to animals. (Did you know some thrift stores are for-profit companies that give only a tiny fraction to charity?) Please donate gently used housewares, furniture, clothing and other goods to the RAPS Thrift Stores and shop there regularly – merchandise turnover is speedy so it’s never the same store twice!

Contribute to our Pet Food Bank. There are households in our community that have to choose between feeding their pets or feeding themselves. We don’t think that’s right. Our Pet Food Bank is here to make sure nobody has to make those choices.

Own a business? Consider gifts-in-kind of goods or services. Let us know … you’d be surprised at the range of ways you can help! Email admin@rapsbc.com or call us at 604-242-1661.

Check out the RAPS Animal Shelter Wish List and the RAPS Cat Sanctuary Wish List to see if there are items you can help us with!


RAPS is an animal-serving organization. But we’re all about people! Without our small armies of volunteers, we would unable to do what we do. Volunteers make it possible to provide individualized loving care to every animal we encounter. We have a vast range of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. We offer work experience and volunteer hours for students and responsibilities that fit the wishes and skills of anybody. Check out some of these opportunities here.


You can shop and help the animals at the same time. The RAPS Thrift Stores have a huge range of items and the stock is always changing. Check back regularly. (And the prices are ridiculously good.) Buy your pet food through our not-for-profit RAPS Animal Hospital. Throughout the year, we offer a few items for sale on our website, such as calendars in November and December and occasional other things you might want.

Veterinary Care

Choose the not-for-profit RAPS Animal Hospital for your veterinary needs. Because we are a community-owned veterinary facility, YOU are a VIP. Get 25% off most in-hospital services and even deeper discounts on monthly specials. When you choose the not-for-profit RAPS Animal Hospital, all revenue is reinvested into RAPS programs that save and improve the lives of animals. Good for you, good for your pet, good for less fortunate animals!

Even Easier …

There are some dead simple ways to help that cost nothing (or next to nothing) and really help RAPS and the animals!

Refer your friends to the RAPS Animal Hospital. This is huge. You might think it’s not a big deal, but by choosing the not-for-profit RAPS Animal Hospital and getting your friends on board, you are making a powerful commitment to the permanent financial sustainability of RAPS. This social enterprise animal hospital opened in 2018. Within a few years, we expect it to be the engine of the organization, providing vet care to the entire community while generating revenue to sustain all our programs, making RAPS an even more effective organization that saves and improves the lives of animals.

Introduce friends and family to RAPS by bringing them to visiting hours at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary or one of the many RAPS events, or by donating in their honour.

RAPS is an advocacy organization providing a voice for animals … and their people. You can help magnify our voice by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, sharing our messages or joining our advocacy committee. To get involved, email pat@rapsbc.com.

There are so many ways to give … everyone can make a difference. Will you?