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UPDATE on the funds that supported Rocky

Sad News – Rocky

It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to the hero Rocky. Our entire community came together for Rocky and his person, Greg, after a tragic accident on Sept. 11. Sadly, Rocky has passed away. Despite the support and hopes of the community and our entire team at the RAPS Animal Hospital, the severe neurological deficits resulting from the accident progressed to systemic disease and full paralysis of his body that prevented him from using his legs or lifting his head. RAPS’ doctors attempted using the RAPS Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments in attempts to reverse the neurological degradation so that Rocky would be strong enough to go for MRI treatments. The hyperbaric oxygen treatments were administered over many days, and then the doctors said it would take numerous days to see the positive affects of the treatments. Unfortunately, during this time period, Rocky stopped eating and went into deep depression. Despite desperate efforts and 24/7 treatment and nursing, with extensive diagnostics, IV feeding tubes, hyperbaric treatments and lots of direct and ongoing love from the staff, Rocky deteriorated to the point that Greg, in consultation with RAPS’ Veterinarian, opted for humane euthanasia. Condolences to Greg and thank you to all who supported Greg and Rocky in this time. If any residual funds donated to support Rocky remain after final assessments are completed, they will be allocated to RAPS Emergency Cases Fund to save and improve the lives of pets in urgent need.

At the request of Greg, any excess funds raised for Rocky’s treatment donated by the public have gone towards public assistance programs for people in need of veterinary care for their animals at RAPS Animal Hospital.

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