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UPDATE – Sad News – Rocky

It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to the hero Rocky.

Our entire community came together for Rocky and his person, Greg Wright, after a tragic accident on Sept. 11.

Greg is a Richmond man who has been homeless since being renovicted five years ago. Like too many British Columbians, Wright could not find affordable, livable housing that allows pets. The pair soon found themselves homeless. They lived in an RV on the Richmond dike for two years until the owner of Soggy Doggy dog walking provided them a safe place to park the RV. A Canadian Coast Guard veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder, Greg was not seriously injured in the accident, which occurred on the way to the food bank, but his animal companion, eight-year-old Staffordshire terrier Rocky, was paralyzed as a result.

greg and rocky medical emergency

A fundraising campaign was launched by the RAPS Animal Hospital, with the intent of repairing Rocky’s paralysis or fitting him with adaptive equipment to allow him to continue a happy existence. Rocky was Greg’s companion and support. Their story exemplifies the human-animal bond.

Despite the support and hopes of the community and our entire team at the RAPS Animal Hospital, the severe neurological deficits resulting from the accident progressed to systemic disease and full paralysis of his body that prevented him from using his legs or lifting his head. Rocky stopped eating and went into deep depression. Despite desperate efforts and 24/7 treatment and nursing, with extensive diagnostics, IV feeding tubes and lots of direct and ongoing love from the staff, Rocky deteriorated to the point that Greg opted for humane euthanasia.

Our condolences go to Greg. Our gratitude goes to everyone who contributed to Rocky’s care and supported Greg and Rocky during this time.

“At times when our beloved pets do not have quality of life anymore and they are beyond our capabilities to treat the ailments, it is the most difficult responsibility for the owners to make the hardest decision for them by opting for euthanasia, especially when the pet is a support animal and a hero,” says Dr. Roey Kestelman.

If any residual funds donated to support Rocky remain after final assessments are completed, they will be allocated to RAPS Emergency Cases Fund to save and improve the lives of pets in urgent need.

Since opening in February 2018, the RAPS Animal Hospital has provided more than $900,000 in financial support, including fully and partially subsidized veterinary care for animals in need. All of this is possible because of the support RAPS receives from the community and because people choose the not-for-profit RAPS Animal Hospital for their veterinary needs.

If you would like to support the RAPS Animal Emergency Cases Fund, please click here. Thank you.


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