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Huge thanks to Cowell Auto Group

Huge thanks to the team at the Cowell Auto Group, exceptional volunteers who have devoted (and continue to devote) hours every month to support the animals of RAPS!

Three times every month, between five and eight employees come for three-hour shifts to volunteer wherever they are needed – and they’re ALWAYS needed!

The Cowell Auto Group employees alternate volunteering, so many animal-loving employees have the opportunity to volunteer at RAPS. So far, Cowell has contributed an amazing 172 hours of volunteer service! They have volunteered at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary for big clean-up projects, and at the RAPS Thrift Stores. They have also been a tremendous help during the current renovations at the original RAPS Thrift Store on Granville (see photo) where they undertook the huge task of packing up all contents of the store so some renovations could begin.

We were initially attracted to your organization as many of our employees love animals,” said Cowell’s HR assistant Maho Saito when we asked why they chose RAPS. “Understanding that the opportunities provided to give back to our community may in turn help and affect the animals in a positive way was something we definitely wanted to be a part of.

The best part of volunteering, said Maho said, is “being able to participate in such a rewarding opportunity.”

We are immensely grateful for the stellar volunteers from the Cowell Auto Group and cannot thank them enough for their generosity of time and spirit.

We are so appreciative for the support from Cowell and from many other corporate partners in the community!

If your staff team (or family, or sports team, or group of friends, or random strangers) want to help RAPS support the animals in our community and have fun at the same time, here’s how!

And don’t forget: Many employers match donations to good causes. Check to find out if yours does!