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24 ways to celebrate RAPS’ 24th birthday

The Regional Animal Protection Society turns 24 on September 7! For 24 years, we have been saving and improving the lives of animals – because of your support, volunteerism and generosity! The lives we have changed – animals and humans! – are incalculable. So many happy stories across these 24 years.

At our age, we would usually say “No gifts, thanks!”

But it’s not for us! It’s for the animals.


We know that you love the animals as much as we do. If you want to take a few minutes so that we can continue our important work long into the future, we’ve got a few ideas … Exactly 24, in fact:

  1. Consider donating 24 days of volunteering to RAPS this year
  2. Commit to sponsoring a Sanctuary cat for 24 months
  3. Please consider donating $24.
  4. Make a plan to visit the RAPS Cat Sanctuary 24 times this year
  5. Write 24 loving words (and a 5-star Google review!) for RAPS Animal Hospital
  6. Please provide us 24 loving words (and a 5-star Google review!) for RAPS
  7. Please provide us 24 loving words (and a 5-star Google review!) for RAPS Thrift Store
  8. Help us find forever homes for 24 kittens
  9. Ask 24 friends to sponsor 24 cats at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary for $25 per month
  10. Email 24 words to Richmond newspapers thanking RAPS for the work we do in Richmond for animals
  11. Maybe donate 24 items to RAPS Thrift Store on Granville Avenue
  12. Got more stuff? Donate 24 other items to RAPS Thrift Store on Francis Road
  13. Feeling flush? Please consider donating 24 x 3 = $72.
  14. Won the lottery? Maybe donate 24 x 4 = $96.
  15. Like to feed cats? Consider donating 24 cans of cat food (Fancy Feast, especially the fishy ones!)
  16. Set up a monthly gift of $24 a month to RAPS
  17. Tell 24 of your friends about RAPS’ programs
  18. You can imagine how much cat litter we go through at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary! Consider donating 24 bags?
  19. In the next 24 hours, talk to your family about adding a furry family member
  20. For the next 24 days, commit to sharing one RAPS post daily on your social media!
  21. If you adopted a pet from RAPS, share a 24-word story about that action changed your life – and theirs! Email us at admin@rapsbc.com.
  22. In the next 24 hours, consider how much animals mean in your life – and learn more about how RAPS improves the lives animals and humans – right here!
  23. Plan to post 24 social media comments about RAPS this year
  24. Please share 24 words on why you support RAPS on Facebook