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Honeybear finds fame in online game

Kitty Snatch splits revenue with RAPS to help cats

kitty snatch honey bear

One of the most recognizable faces at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary is going global thanks to a fun mobile game that will also help RAPS save and improve the lives of even more animals.

raps cat sanctuary kitty snatch

Kitty Snatch is a casual match-three game – that features real cat personalities in the game.

“We feature a number of Su-purr-star cats in our game that have a following on Instagram,” says Daniel Kwok, project manager in the Kitty Snatch “Opurrations & Bhissness Development” department. Players can also create an avatar of their own kitty, a purr-sona, to use in the game.

“The cool thing is when you create your own kitty, when your friends and family play the game, they will actually be able to play the game with your kitty,” he says. “You can create your own cats, like Fluffy or Snowball, and share it with your mom and when your mom plays the game she’ll be playing with Fluffy.”

Photo by Michele Wright, Furry Friends Photography

Folks who download the game to their phones from the designated RAPS link will see Honey Bear, the azure blue-eyed Siamese-cross who is an adored resident of the Sanctuary

The game is created and developed by airG Inc., a Vancouver company that, among other products, offers a suite of multiplayer mobile games and social entertainment applications. They reached out to RAPS with an incredibly generous offer to share game profits with the Cat Sanctuary.

“We are in the cat domain,” Daniel says. “We wanted to feel like we could give back to the community.”

Although he is a cat person who lives in Richmond, Daniel wasn’t aware that there was a Sanctuary with hundreds of cats practically in his backyard. He was moved by the organization’s no-kill promise and the commitment to caring for animals.

The game is totally free to download and play. But, as anyone familiar with this type of game knows, you can sometimes hit a roadblock or not move ahead as quickly as you would like. To get a leg up in the game, you can purchase what, in Kitty Snatch, are called Kitty Koins to buy your way out of a crunch. Players also earn Kitty Koins by reaching certain achievement levels.

“We are quite generous at giving away free Kitty Koins,” says Daniel.

After the Google store or Apple take their 30% cut of all in-app Kitty Koin purchases, airG then splits the revenue 50-50 with RAPS.

“Thirty-five cents goes to RAPS and 35 cents to us to keep funding the game and keep our development team going,” he says. (This generous sharing agreement applies only to apps downloaded using the special RAPS address. Download it here!)