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Adelyne finds a loving family

Another happy family!

Carole and Bob adopted Adelyne a month ago. And they’re reporting back that it’s a great fit all around.

adelyne-1“In short, she is a joy!” they said in an email. “We had a tricky start when she decided after a couple days that the litter tray was not for her! But after some tweaks to positioning of the tray, food location, kitty litter and a trip to the vet to be sure, we found the right formula. And maybe she just felt more settled. All good now.”

Adelyne loves to play hide and seek and loves to chase things and she greets her humans at the door whenever they come home, punctuating her excitement with lots of happy squeaks. She explores, sleeps, has a healthy appetite and loves to find blankets, especially when they come out of the dryer.

“She is snuggly on her terms (hello cat) but loves to dive deep under the covers and sleep close any place / someone warm with as many blankets as she can get. (I’m sure our Hydro bill will be up this month!)” they report. “She tolerates bath time and nail clipping but has her limits.”

“She is doing well and we are crazy about our Addy.”