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RAPS Animal Hospital Update

The RAPS Animal Hospital opened in February and is providing veterinary care to the animals at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, at the RAPS-run City of Richmond Animal Shelter and in our vast fostering network.

We also provide vet care to animals in the community! We are a full-service, state-of-the-art hospital, with superb staff and up-to-the-minute equipment.

When you choose the RAPS Animal Hospital, you get excellent veterinary care, individualized service and highly competitive rates – because we are a not-for-profit facility whose mission is not profit, but caring for the most animals possible.

By bringing your animal companions to the RAPS Animal Hospital, you are also helping save and improve lives of animals in our community. Revenue from the hospital is reinvested in RAPS programs and services.

Because you have been a RAPS supporter, you are a VIP! Click here to register for 25% all in-house veterinary care in 2018 and other special offers!

Book your appointment here! Or call 604-242-1666.