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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Update – Rabbits Sent for Testing

All rabbits in the care of the Regional Animal Protection Society appear healthy and well, and RAPS is keeping quarantine and biosecurity measures in place.

RAPS is doing everything possible to protect our rabbits from Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease. Our staff are keeping close tabs on our rabbits, including regular health checks, and so far no abnormal signs, symptoms or behaviours have been noted in any of our rabbits.

Despite the health of our own rabbits, the team at RAPS (including our Animal Control Officers) have noted a decline in the feral population in our neighbourhood (within about a one kilometre radius). Our Animal Control Officers have been doing frequent patrols, especially of the areas noted to be highly populated with feral rabbits, and they have not been seeing the usual number of rabbits in these areas.

RAPS was also very concerned when a “visiting” feral female rabbit (we often have feral rabbits visit the Shelter and surrounding properties and businesses) left two deceased babies behind, which were found on our property the following day. Another deceased rabbit was also found in our neighbourhood shortly afterwards. None of these rabbits appeared to have any visible injuries to their bodies, which is quite concerning. The bodies of these deceased rabbits were immediately sent to the lab for post-mortems and further testing. RAPS will still be under quarantine and keeping biosecurity measures in place until the test results from the lab are received.

We are tracking the rabbits in Richmond closely, and continue to monitor any trends or unusual findings.

RAPS will be providing ongoing updates regarding Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in Richmond.

For more information about RHD, please see our earlier post on the subject.