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Staff Adoption Stories 1: Artona

Written by Nadia, Animal Care Attendant

I was working the evening shift when Artona had been brought to the shelter after being found paralyzed from the waist down under a tree. Immediately, when I had gently pulled her out of her carrier she started purring despite the tremendous amount of pain she must have been experiencing and I fell in love on the spot.

From the very first day, she was a staff favorite with her gentle nature and her purring upon seeing you. I always made sure to make time during my shift to spend with her which she always appreciated by giving me gentle chirps and lots of cuddles. After her successful surgery, she loved to push the boundaries and sprint through the shelter despite being scolded many times as she was supposed to be taking it easy. I felt bonded to her from the very beginning and only wanted her to have the best imaginable home. When the opportunity arose for me to take her home, I didn’t hesitate and took her home the same day. She quickly took over my bedroom as her own and we currently share my bed (and pretty much everything else). She currently has two dog brothers that she loves to chase and harass which they tolerate.

Since coming home, she has done wonderfully healing from her surgery and is still as loving as the first day I met her. She often wakes me up for morning cuddles by licking my cheek and follows me everywhere. She will come when I call her name and loves to sit in my laundry basket while I do laundry. Changing her name felt strange after knowing her for so long so she is affectionately now called ‘Arty’. Her favorite toys are finger traps and hoodie strings and she can be quite cheeky when she’s in a mood and will get quite chatty. Friends and family have all fallen in love with her and she is absolutely spoiled rotten. I feel so incredibly blessed to have met her and to have the opportunity to live life with her.