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Kindness of businesses helps RAPS feed animals!

This year, RAPS has provided care for 1,756 animals, at the City of Richmond Animal Shelter, the RAPS Cat Sanctuary and through our network of foster homes.

We perform small miracles on small budgets in part because of extraordinary partnerships with businesses that share our commitment to providing the best life possible for animals.

20171115_123339_resizedWe receive incredibly generous contributions of pet food from Bosley’s by Pet Valu, Tisol by Pet Valu, PetSmart, Meow and Bark Avenue, Jake & Daisey’s, Petcurean and Companion Pet Foods & Supplies. These generous contributions have been ongoing for some time, but we recently received an extremely generous contribution via the Thanks-For-Giving campaign, run by Tisol, and the Pet Food Bank programs run by Bosley’s and Tisol. We also get generous donations from hundreds of individuals who drop in to the Shelter and Sanctuary with food and supplies.

This generosity means that the cost per day of feeding animals in our care is kept very low.

It also means that, in addition to providing for the animals in our care, we can ensure that other animals in need are also adequately fed. We provide food to households with low incomes through our own Animal Food Bank and we also provide surplus supplies to the Richmond Food Bank. We believe that people should never have to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets.

20171115_122957_resizedWhen wildfires terrified and displaced thousands of British Columbians last summer, RAPS was also able to ship $50,000 worth of supplies to our animal shelter-partners in the interior and north of the province. We also believe that animals recognize no human-made boundaries and so we are glad we can help animals in need wherever they are.

When we have surplus foods on hand, we are happy to help other shelters and animal-serving agencies.

The generosity of these businesses mean that donations to RAPS can be allocated to other important services, including veterinary care, upgraded facilities and programs and services that help the animals and people we serve.

We are so thankful to the amazing businesses that allow us to do so much on small budgets. The animals cannot show gratitude using words, but we can say a huge THANK YOU to the businesses that help us save and improve the lives of animals.