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Does your employer encourage philanthropy?

Employee matching donations can double or triple your support for RAPS


Many businesses today recognize that people are using their money to make the world better. That means creating social good is also good business practice.

RAPS is so fortunate to have the support of many great corporate partners, who know that animals make families, neighbourhoods and communities healthier, happier and safer.

You might be surprised at how many businesses also encourage philanthropy among their employees. We’ve got a huge list of businesses that match charitable contributions by employees. Some companies will even match the donations of spouses and retirees!

By simply completing a matching gift form from your employer, you may be able to double — or even triple — the impact of your gift! Contributions of any amount help us save and improve the lives of animals. Please check out the list and see if your employer participates in a matching gift program. If they’re not on the list, ask your HR person to consider joining.

Saving and improving the lives of animals is what RAPS does. You are the reason we can do everything we do. Matching donations can maximize your generosity so that RAPS can do more of what we do best.

When you give…They live!