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RAPS BC Wildfires

RAPS helping animals affected by B.C. fires

RAPS was honoured to provide a temporary home to dogs who were evacuated from fires in the B.C. interior.

A family from 100 Mile House approached RAPS to take in their five dogs after the family was forced to leave their home due to the devastating fires in the area.

The family packed up their two vehicles with as many meaningful possessions as they could and drove down to stay with family in North Surrey, but they needed alternative housing for their caninekids.

Lyric, Saffron, Flame, Lucy and Jade arrived at the RAPS City of Richmond Animal Shelter and were immediately surrounded by love of staff and volunteers, as well as frequent long visits from their people. The five are wonderfully socialized, well-mannered and a pleasure to be around.

The dogs, who have been fortunate to return to their home, were housed side-by-side in the kennels, and kept together in a yard during the day, so that their bonds helped them adjust to the disruption in their lives.

The family is extremely grateful.

“Our dogs are safe and happy at RAPS where they have been fed, played with and loved by the RAPS staff and volunteers,” says a family member. “One staff member even took some of the dogs to the RAPS agility area for some fun. We have been sent photos of volunteers playing with our dogs so we wouldn’t worry. In an extremely stressful time of evacuation (for both us and our pets) I can’t say enough praise and thanks to RAPS. This society is very special!”

RAPS also sent pet supplies to rescue centres in the affected areas, hoping to ease the burden on the people and animals in their time of distress.

RAPS is glad to do a small part to help out in this time of immense challenge for so many people and animals in the province.

Animals know no human-made borders and RAPS is committed to the idea that all animals have a right to a safe life, no matter where they are. That’s why we’ve changed our name to the Regional Animal Protection Society – to better reflect the areas we serve – and the creation of the RAPS Regional Animal Hospital will allow us to help more animals than ever before.

More than this, the RAPS Regional Animal Hospital is the foundation for a whole new model of community-supported, social enterprise, NO-KILL animal care. When we have fully operationalized the model here, we will share it with other animal-serving agencies across Canada and internationally, potentially helping incalculable numbers of animals here and everywhere!