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Meet Cocoa, RAPS’ new shelter cat


The RAPS City of Richmond Animal Shelter usually has a designated “shelter cat.” This tends to be one of our senior cats who is unlikely to be adopted and may have age-related health issues. Other characteristics include a bit of attitude (cattitude!) that makes them confident enough to hold their own with visitors and ensures that they are not affected by the commotion of the Shelter.

Cocoa is our newest shelter cat. Affectionately referred to as Cocoa Bean by the staff, she takes on the exalted role previously epitomized by Bubbie, Cinder, then Ringo, all of whom enjoyed their final years having free run of the shelter to roam as they pleased.

Shelter staff take pride in pampering and fussing over every shelter cat and Cocoa is already basking in the affection. A special sign posted above her princess bed reads “Cocoa’s Corner” and she is destined for a future of extra treats, heating pads, fancy collars and plenty of attention from staff and visitors.

Cocoa came to RAPS after she was abandoned at a boarding facility. Aged 16-and-a-half, Cocoa knows what she does and doesn’t like. She can be cranky at times but it seems her new freedom has softened her. She’s turning into a purr machine and a lap cat.

Next time you visit the Shelter, be sure to pay a little attention to Cocoa.