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Thanks for “Paying It Forward” McMath students!

More Richmond students doing awesome things for the animals!

Students in Ms. Wendy Lai’s Social Justice 11 class at McMath Secondary chose RAPS as their “Pay It Forward” project. Working all year, these high school animal advocates collected donations including blankets, cat and dog toys and accessories, pet food and cash. Then they invited RAPS to attend their “Booth Day” on Tuesday this week.

There were booths representing different student groups. RAPS ambassadors included big bunny Esther and guinea pigs Popcorn and Chip.

Booth Day, during lunch in the McMath rotunda, was a great success. The students did a stellar job of representing RAPS and educating fellow students about RAPS’ role in the community.

Huge thanks to this awesome student leaders for choosing RAPS as their Pay It Forward recipient agency!

What an incredible inspiration these students are. They understand that animals make our communities happier, safer and healthier.

RAPS is so proud to partner with people of all ages to help the animals in our community. Right now, we are engaged in a capital campaign to construct the RAPS Regional Animal Hospital. Upon completion, we will be able to save and improve the lives of more animals than ever before.

Richmond’s younger generations are doing their part. Can you help?