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RAPS thanks The Global Work & Travel Co.

RAPS is so fortunate to have lots of support from individuals and businesses in the community. It’s the reason we are able to do all that we do.

Recently, The Global Work & Travel Co. donated a vast amount of top-quality office furnishings that will help make the new RAPS Regional Animal Hospital functional and fabulous! They are also donating laptop computers that will help RAPS staff do our important work.

We love Global because of their generosity to the cause of the animals we serve. But we love them too because of their commitments to people and other animals worldwide. One glance at their website will get your wanderlust into high gear. Global coordinates opportunities for people to travel the world while making a positive difference in the places they visit.

Working with an organization in Thailand called Rescue Paws, Global has an ongoing initiative whereby any veterinarians or vet students (with at least one year of study) have free return flights if they commit to three months or longer. This is a great opportunity for vet students during their summer holidays or professional vets looking for something different to do that’ll make a big impact. A cool video captures a bit of the experience.

Stray dogs in Thailand sometimes get attention and a bit of food from temple monks, but mostly they are homeless, hungry, breed excessively and are too frequently abused by humans.

Volunteers on this project play a major role in animal rescue, care, rehabilitation and even getting these furry buddies adopted out to international homes.

Global has a world of other work, volunteer and travel opportunities. Not all of them involve animals, but among the options are rehabilitation of elephants, cheetahs and monkeys in Africa, wildlife rescue in Indonesia, orangutan conservation in Borneo, sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica and many more.

RAPS has been providing care for the animals in our community for more than two decades. As we change our name to the Regional Animal Protection Society to reflect the broader geographic area we serve, our goal is to save and improve the lives of more animals than ever before.

We are honoured to have the support of The Global Work & Travel Co. and to know that we share the same commitment to the lives and well-being of animals here and everywhere.

When you give… They live!