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No such thing as a “typical” rescue

A RAPS volunteer recently found a small kitten on property adjoining the Richmond City Works yard. Soon, Mama-cat and another kitten were also spotted, but made a quick escape. Fearing that Mama might not return till much later, the kitten was brought by RAPS staff for care and feeding.

Only a few hours later, a call came from the homeowner. While he was doing garden chores, he was greeted by Mama-cat, who had emerged again, this time without her kitten. It turned out she wasn’t at all feral, soliciting petting, and quite happy to wear a harness and leash when RAPS staff returned.

However, she seemed to have no interest in leading us to the hidden kitten. Doing battle with fallen branches and very thorny brambles, a volunteer made her way to the corner of the property adjacent to the City Works yard, where we could just make out an occasional kitten cry.

Two City staff tackled the undergrowth on the other side of the fence, which Mama-cat must have scaled with the kitten in her mouth. Finally, the search area was narrowed down and Mama-cat was brought around into the yard to join the hunt. She was not particularly helpful, preferring to do her own poking around, but, finally, first the kitten and then the Mama were extricated and whisked off to a better life as home-loving felines!

Kudos to the team: City employees Alvaro, Andrew and Cathy, and to RAPS team members Gordon, Janet, Moira and Brigid!

While no two rescue events are exactly the same, this incident is somewhat typical of what RAPS staff and volunteers do on a regular basis.

This is possible because of the great support we have from a community of volunteers and financial supporters. When we open the new RAPS Regional Animal Hospital at the end of the year (with your support!) we will be able to do more good for more animals than ever before.

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