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Exciting news! RAPS becomes Regional Animal Protection Society

It’s official!

British Columbia’s Registrar of Companies has approved a change of name for the Richmond Animal Protection Society to the Regional Animal Protection Society. The name change was earlier approved by RAPS’ membership at the annual general meeting May 25.

“The change represents the reality that we serve animals from far beyond the City of Richmond, many of whom come to us because of our NO-KILL commitment,” says Eyal Lichtmann, CEO of the Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS).

The change of name coincides with the launch of a capital campaign to complete construction of the RAPS Regional Animal Hospital.* The hospital, anticipated to open by the end of 2017, will eliminate RAPS’ external veterinary expenses and create revenue to support all the programs RAPS operates to save and improve the lives of animals.

“This is the final component of a revolutionary ‘RAPS Model’ of NO-KILL animal care,” says Fearn Edmonds, president of RAPS. “We are creating a sustainable model of community-supported, social enterprise NO-KILL animal care.”

Once fully operationalized here, the RAPS Model – which includes sheltering, animal sanctuaries, fostering, spaying and neutering and social enterprise – will be codified and shared with other NO-KILL animal care agencies across Canada and internationally, Lichtmann says, saving the lives of potentially millions of animals.

“This is an entirely new approach to animal welfare,” Lichtmann adds, “one that is the right thing to do – economically and ethically.”

*Any reference on the RAPSBC.COM website or other materials related to the RAPS REGIONAL ANIMAL HOSPITAL requires the official approval for naming and accreditation by the College of Veterinarians of BC.