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Surrender – don’t abandon

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Donut, a dog whose life was almost ended by an act of stunning cruelty. It’s an opportunity to remind everyone in the community that RAPS is here to help in the event that anyone is incapable of caring for an animal.

IMG_2111-donut-cropIt would have been an appalling tragedy had an observant passerby not heard sounds and spotted a locked suitcase in a wooded area of central Richmond. As it stands, an act of unthinkable inhumanity has a happy ending.

In the double-locked, hard-sided suitcase Graham Barrett found was a poodle, aged around six years old. Barrett was only able to open the suitcase with the help of RCMP and the shocking discovery is now under investigation by police, who are seeking the perpetrator.

Fortunately, it appears the dog, who RAPS staff named Donut because of his engaging and sweet personality, had not been in the suitcase for too long. It was the hottest day of the year so far.

The RCMP brought Donut to RAPS late Sunday night (May 30) and he has charmed everyone he has met. He was checked out by our in-agency veterinarian Dr. Guy Arad and found to be in as good health as he is in good spirits.

Donut is extremely fortunate. He owes his life to Barrett, who is one of those people who, in sad stories, offers a light of humanity and hope.

received_10156101728164179The incident presents an opportunity to remind everyone that the Richmond Animal Protection Society is here to help. If a person or family cannot care for an animal, RAPS is here. Surrendering an animal to RAPS ensures that the companion animal will be cared for and will be placed in another forever home.

The reality is that there are plenty of reasons why animals come to us. Their people may move into a long-term care facility and the pet loses its comfortable home. Rental housing that allows animals is difficult to find and is the top reason animals are surrendered to RAPS – this is an issue we advocate around with governments and we will continue to do so. Couples break up or move across the country and animals find themselves adrift.

Whatever the cause, RAPS and other organizations across Canada are here to help in case of emergency. There is never an excuse to throw an animal away the way Donut was treated.

We ask anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the person or persons who did this to please contact Richmond RCMP. And let your friends and family know that RAPS is here and always prepared to help.

All of this is possible because RAPS has the support of members of the community who recognize the importance of what we do. Thank you.