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Foster Failure

Jacob is a handsome senior cat who was dumped outside of RAPS in an open-top carrier in the pouring rain late last spring. Jacob has had a rough go since coming to RAPS as he was very thin, dehydrated, lethargic and had severe dental disease causing him a lot of pain. Jacob spent a lot of time recovering at the shelter under the careful supervision of our Animal Care team, and eventually started to feel a bit better. Jacob ended up being diagnosed as diabetic, and the decision was made to find him a foster home. Thankfully, Jacob found the perfect one! Jacob’s foster mom has been very committed to his veterinary needs and has provided Jacob with outstanding medical care and TLC. Because of her kindness, Jacob is now completely pain-free, almost in remission from diabetes, and going to live many more happy years! It turns out that Jacob’s foster mom loved him so much that she turned into a ‘foster failure’. Congratulations Jacob and Carol! We know you both have many exciting adventures to come!