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Auto wrecker finds kitten surprise

On Tuesday, May 9, the RAPS City Shelter received a call for help from Rusty’s Towing on River Road. One of Rusty’s truck drivers was about to haul a vehicle to an auto wrecker, when he discovered a litter of newborn kittens nestled on the flooring inside, among shattered auto glass and other debris. The six black kittens were a little more than a week old, just beginning to open their eyes. Their lives would have quickly come to an end, if not for the eagle eyes of the caring truck driver

kitten home on wrecked car floor2

RAPS was called to the towing yard and the kittens were placed into a carrier. A trap was then set nearby for the nursing mother, who had wandered off in search of food. After a couple of hours, Cat Sanctuary staff were called and two more traps were strategically set. Within the hour, the young black mom was together with her babies, en route to a RAPS foster home.

Those seven young felines now face a happy future. We’ve captured two additional young cats at Rusty’s since then, and there are still several others at the site who will be taken to our vets for spaying or neutering and medical attention.

We have been rescuing cats and kittens from the streets for more than 20 years now and, although our work might never be finished, we are gratified at being able to help as many of these animals as

Everything RAPS does is because of the support of the community we serve. Our NO-KILL ethos – and our determination to do everything we can for as many animals as possible – is why we have the broad community support we do. Your help makes it happen. When you give … They live. Thank you.

In addition to your financial and volunteer support, which is always necessary and appreciated, we are currently in urgent need of foster homes for the many mothers and kittens who we save at this time of year. If your home is a possible foster home, please call us at 604-275-2036 or email us at info@rapsbc.com.

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