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The RAPS Cat Sanctuary: A unique model

The RAPS Cat Sanctuary was built so we could rescue and protect homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. The sanctuary has the capacity to hold upwards of 1,000 cats. These cats live out their lives with the care of an on-site veterinarian doctor, “kitty comforters” who provide an abundance of love and affection, and a group of staff and volunteers who care for all of the cats’ needs daily.


The RAPS Cat Sanctuary is the only one if its kind in Canada and among the largest in North America. RAPS is the only organization in Canada that provides municipal shelter management services with the ability to offload unadoptable cats to a loving home at the Cat Sanctuary.

The Cat Sanctuary is a key pillar of RAPS’ NO-KILL ethos. The Sanctuary allows us to save the lives of thousands of kittens and cats who, for various reasons, are unlikely to find forever homes.

The Cat Sanctuary is an oasis of goodness and wellness for both cats and people who find comfort among dozens of furry purring friends. We have a special area for cats with feline leukemia and another for those with feline AIDS. Yet another special section is for senior cats – geri-catrics – who like a slower pace.


Then there are the open areas where hundreds of other cats find their favourite spots, friends and napping locations.

In most other jurisdictions, these unadoptable cats would not be alive. But RAPS is committed to the idea that each animal is precious. We can do this only because we have the enthusiastic support of our community.

Sanctuaries are key to our NO-KILL model and so is our recently announced Regional Animal Hospital, which will eliminate external vet care bills and create revenue that allows us to care for more animals than ever before. To make this exciting project a reality, we need your help! Please find out more about the Regional Animal Hospital and the difference it will make in the lives of so many animals.