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Report from the Cat Sanctuary

With spring comes upgrades to the facilities at the Cat Sanctuary.

The RAPS Cat Sanctuary has had a busy winter, complicated by all the snow and ice, which has made it very difficult to keep some areas clean and clear. But as we march towards spring, we are getting some stuff done!

The driveway is definitely a priority. A volunteer is going to bring his tractor over and grade the driveway and put fill down, though we need to wait until the weather is comparatively dry.

Everyone who visits has noticed the beautiful new cabinets in the laundry room. We still have a painting weekend to finish that area and put up some plastic board to chair-rail level.

Repairs, including removal of a tree in one of the pens, have been taken care of, and we are in the process of fixing the fence, a project that should be completed in the next couple of weeks. Repairing landscaping ties and flooring tiles are also on the agenda. Leaks in the double-wide trailer are being repaired, after which stained ceiling tiles will be replaced.

We will be having various groups come in for a day of volunteering in the next few months and we hope to get all the areas cleaned up as we move in to better weather.

The cat sanctuary has been very fortunate to have Dr. Assaf Goldberg volunteering one day a week to help assess our sick cats and prioritize our cats that need dentals.  With his help we have managed to cut our vet costs and make sure that urgent dentals are dealt with in a timely manner.


By Janet Reid