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RAPS Volunteer Appreciation Week – April 23 – 29, 2017

Each of our incredible volunteers brings with them a unique set of skills that help better the lives of the adoptable animals in RAPS’ care. Each dedicated volunteer positively impacts the lives of our animals – whether cats, dogs, bunnies, or small animals of the furry, feathered, prickly or hard-shelled variety – in a very positive, important and special away.

We are immensely thankful for our volunteers who perform other essential duties with efficiency and a smile … our dishwashers, laundry-folders, floor-washers, outdoor area maintenance volunteers, special events and fundraising volunteers … your work keeps our facilities looking and smelling clean and creates a happier environment for our animals and our people. To our special events and fundraising volunteers – we thank you whole-heartedly for being the best ambassadors RAPS could ask for … for representing RAPS in the most positive light and helping us educate our community about how we help both animals and people.

In a given week, our animals benefits from the tremendous help of over 500 volunteers! Without your passion, dedication and love of the animals, we could not provide our animals with the loving and personalized care they deserve. There is no doubt our volunteers enrich the lives of our animals while they await adoption – ensuring their time with us is filled with unconditional love.

Our staff is so sincerely thankful to each and every one of our volunteers, in every capacity they serve, for helping make the RAPS a warm and loving place for the animals and community we serve.

Big sloppy kisses, purrs, head butts, coos and love nibbles of heartfelt thanks to our sensational volunteers!!