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RAPS animal hospital: Great care and a great cause!

RAPS is proposing to open a new animal hospital. Not only can you access the finest in veterinary care for your companion animal, but all revenue generated goes into helping more animals in our community.

The proposed RAPS animal hospital is slated to open by the end of 2017 in sparkling new premises in the Richmond Auto Mall – thanks to the generosity of our community partners at the Applewood Auto Group!

Our team of veterinarians and staff, along with partner specialists, will offer first-rate health care that includes the best in animal care.

At full capacity, we intend to have five full-time veterinarians and 10 supporting staff, as well as dozens of professional volunteers to meet the needs and requirements of our valued clients.

RAPS’ goal is to provide the best animal care and customer service.

But the RAPS animal hospital is also a social enterprise run by RAPS. That means the fees you pay go into supporting homeless, abandoned, endangered and abused animals in our community.

RAPS is here for you.

Do you want the best veterinary care for your animal – and the best for animals in need? Please support the RAPS animal hospital.