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NO-KILL policy is at our heart

RAPS is a NO-KILL animal-serving organization.

At the core of our identity is the value that, under our care, no animal is ever euthanized due to lack of space, treatable illness, physical defect, age, rectifiable behavioural or socialization issues. This is a commitment we make to the animals and the people we serve.

no-kill cat sanctuaryThe NO-KILL ethos underpins everything we do. And it is possible because of a number of supporting tenets of our organization. This includes fostering – so that unadopted animals live in family homes, reducing overcrowding at the Shelter – and the RAPS Cat Sanctuary – where unadoptable cats live out their lives surrounded by love and care.

Many people assume that a NO-KILL animal-serving agency is more expensive to run than a shelter that euthanizes. Studies indicate otherwise. A NO-KILL policy is revenue-positive and the right thing to do. Most animal health issues are temporary and treatable. Death is permanent.

RAPS takes on treatable conditions to improve the lives of animals who cannot advocate for themselves.

no-kill animal fosteringNO-KILL organizations see fewer negative impacts on staff and volunteers, better morale and a healthier workplace.

More than this … RAPS has shown from experience that a NO-KILL shelter can attract greater community goodwill, more dedicated volunteers and increased financial support than shelters that kill.

Combining NO-KILL policy with a network of hundreds of fostering homes, a robust spay and neuter program and an in-agency social enterprise Animal Hospital is the RAPS Model for sustainable animal care that improves life for communities, neighbourhoods, families and – most importantly – the companion animals we love.

The NO-KILL ethos is at the heart of everything RAPS does. And it is at the heart of a groundbreaking new initiative we are undertaking. We are building a Regional Animal Hospital that will allow us to help more animals than ever before. It will also eliminate RAPS’ external veterinary bills and provide a revenue stream to fund every aspect of RAPS’ work.

It’s an extraordinary initiative – and we need your help. You can make an enormous difference by supporting the Regional Animal Hospital. Please find out more about the Regional Animal Hospital and how you can be a part of it.