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Meet Artona – Two surgeries on, she’s healing and happy

Artona-ScanArtona is a lovely eight-month-old cat who came to RAPS as a stray. She was found lying underneath a tree, and appeared to have been hit by a car. X-rays determined that she had a severely broken pelvis.

Despite having no use of her hind end initially, Artona’s spirits have never wavered! Since day one,she has been one of the sweetest and most loving cats we have had at RAPS. With a zest for life and a whole lot of spunk, we knew that we owed her a chance at life, regardless of how injured she was.


Artona had an orthopedic surgery performed by our veterinarian, Dr. Guy Arad, at Fraser Heights Animal Hospital. Dr. Arad was able to repair Artona’s bones with his highly skillful and talented hands by creatively placing two pins and a plate in the damaged area.

Artona woke up from her surgery exactly how she went into it – purring and head-butting! She initially recovered in the home of a staff member, soaking up all the TLC she could get, and is now back at the Shelter being doted on by our Animal Care team.

Unfortunately, as often happens with orthopedic surgeries, a pin placed during her surgery migrated from its original spot within her body. Because of this, Artona has gone for her second orthopedic surgery to have the pin removed. Although undergoing her second major surgery in a very short time, Artona is doing fantastic! She will never walk or move quite like a normal cat, but she certainly doesn’t know it and is happy to go about her routine as energetically and friskily as any other of our cats!

Artona’s care has cost thousands of dollars. Like Isabelle, the dog who was extensively burned in a fire last Christmas, Artona would have been euthanized in most other jurisdictions. With RAPS’ new Regional Animal Hospital, these costs will be covered by our own medical team saving RAPS hundreds of thousands of dollars annually – but only if our capital campaign to build the Regional Animal Hospital is successful. Please support our capital campaign so that RAPS can provide numerous and continuous on going medical care for the animals without the worry of paying for the treatments.

The surgery and medical care for Atona is in the thousands of dollars which RAPS readily pays for but greatly affects our financial viability. But RAPS can care for animals like Artona and Isabelle because we have the support of people in our community who understand the value of NO-KILL animal care and are determined to give every animal that has a chance of survival the best possible medical care and personalized loving attention.

Most of the animals in our care do not require the amount of medical attention Artona does. Yet we have saved countless animals who would have been euthanized in most other shelters for far less serious health issues.

Again, this is possible only because of your support.

Please consider donating towards Artona’s care!