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Isaac-2**Urgent** Foster home needed!

We are looking for a temporary foster home for 6-month-old Isaac. Poor Isaac has had a rough go of things. The last remaining kitten of his litter, he was extra susceptible to picking up every virus that went around the shelter.  Just when he overcame one bug, he caught another.  Isaac desperately needs out of the shelter so he can build up his immunity and finally become healthy enough to be adopted.

We are looking for a foster home with no other pets.  His new foster family will also need to be comfortable administering eye drops and will need to be available to bring him to bi-weekly check-up appointments with our shelter vet.

Despite everything (all the medications, eye drops, etc), Isaac is friendly, loving and very active!  He is a little bundle of energy and desperately seeks attention. The sooner he can be placed in foster care, the better. Can you help Isaac?