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Our no-kill commitment … Your support makes it possible

For the hundreds of kittens and cats enjoying relaxed and fulfilling days at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, life is pretty sweet. What they can’t know is that most of them owe their lives to members of the community who support the Richmond Animal Protection Society’s no-kill ethos.

back courtyard - A VandenbrinkIn most other jurisdictions, cats like these ones – feral, stray or with behaviours or conditions that render them effectively unadoptable – would be euthanized. Not here.

Under our care, no animal is ever killed due to lack of space, treatable illness, physical defect, age, lack of training or poor socialization.
RAPS has had a no-kill philosophy since it was initiated more than two decades ago. In 1999, the RAPS Cat Sanctuary was constructed, providing a place where feline residents of Richmond and, indeed, from many places in British Columbia, live out their natural lives in a haven of comfort and caring. RAPS is the gold standard for sanctuary care in Canada and is a model to be replicated across North America.

In 2007, RAPS was contracted to operate the City of Richmond Animal Shelter and thus Richmond became a no-kill community. Because of our commitment to caring for animals throughout their natural lives, many have come to us from throughout Metro Vancouver and across the province.

The same approach applies to the City Animal Shelter. We have a network of foster families who care for dogs and help prepare them for the next phases of their lives. But occasionally we get a dog who needs a lot of time to adjust and so remains with us at the Shelter … in a few cases for years.

Miki-2Right now, we’ve got a magnificent German Shepherd mix named Miki. She had a rough start to life, used as a guard dog at a junk yard. Because of her previous life, she isn’t used to being a family member inside the home. We have been working on training, handling, playing, walking on-leash and basic obedience.

Miki has made considerable progress, but she needs a dog-experienced home. She is intelligent and can be quite loveable and goofy too. She LOVES to play fetch!

However, she does display some guarding behaviours towards people over food and toys; she also does not like to be touched in certain areas. For these reasons, she cannot be placed in a home with other animals or children.

If your home is welcoming to a special dog like Miki, let’s talk.

However, if this is more than your household is able to take on, will you consider a gift that will allow RAPS to continue supporting the hundreds of animals we care for, for as long as they live? Your support means the world for these animals.

RAPS is committed to a no-kill ethos. This is possible because we have the support of people like you who understand the difference this makes in so many lives.

20160922_172607When you give … they live.

Please donate now.


Photo: Michele Wright, Furry Friends Photography