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Rabbit Wednesday: Bursting at the Seams!

With just over 100 rabbits at the shelter, we are bursting at the seams!

Our amazing staff are bunny-lovers and do everything they can to provide the best quality of life for the rabbits under our care.  Of course, nothing compares to a real home but we have implemented programs to enrich their lives as much as possible; they are rotated out in exercise pens, provided with homemade rabbit toys, bonded with a buddy or integrated into one of our colonies.  Every rabbit at the shelter is spayed/neutered (when mature) and receives regular health checks.

Sitting in a cage in a shelter all day is a lonely existence.  Many of our rabbits were once house rabbits; we really feel for these gentle animals who are so easily discarded.

Rabbits make wonderful pets; they are playful, curious and form deep bonds with those they trust.  If you are interested in adding a rabbit to your household, please come visit the shelter!  Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss rabbit care with you (proper handling, diet, behaviour, exercise, grooming, living quarters, mental stimulation).

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