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It’s Spay and Neuter Awareness Month

Is your pet spayed or neutered?

February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity for us all to remember the importance of these procedures for preventing animal overpopulation and advancing overall pet health.

The Richmond Animal Protection Society sees the impact every day of failure to spay or neuter. Cats and dogs are brought to our shelter after being found homeless or abandoned. Feral and stray animals are in danger from predators and accidents, and can create health risks to humans.

Spaying and neutering also has positive effects on your companion animals and your relationship with them. Animals that have been spayed or neutered are less likely to be aggressive. Female cats, who can go into heat every three weeks throughout most of the year, will frequently escape during this time, sometimes becoming lost or injured. Spaying makes them calmer and more content at home.

Animals that are not spayed or neutered are at risk of uterine, ovarian or testicular cancer and other afflictions.

Your annual dog license fees are even lower when your pet is spayed or neutered!

Thanks to your financial support, RAPS also spays and neuters rabbits, which has significantly reduced the once-exploding rabbit overpopulation problem in Richmond.


Thank you to Andrew Bow Photography.