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About Isabelle

Dear friends of RAPS

For those great many of you who have donated so generously and have been following the story of Isabelle, a seven-year-old pit bull terrier who was severely burned in a fire just before Christmas, we wish to say a huge thank you. The extent of public concern and the generosity of spirit we have witnessed during this time is the embodiment of genuine humanitarian goodness. Everyone associated with RAPS and Isabelle’s care is enormously grateful to you. The cost for her care will be extensive and ongoing, but she will live a wonderful life.

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Isabelle came to RAPS in great distress on December 21, 2016, having been severely burned in a house fire. She suffered from severe second-degree burns to her face, head, eyes and ears, and the top of her body, small areas of her legs and the tip of her tail. She was in extreme pain and suffering from high levels of anxiety and severe itchiness.

For seven weeks, Isabelle has been in the medical care of RAPS and under 24-hour veterinary supervision. During this time, Isabelle has been homed in either emergency specialized vet facilities (Canada West Veterinary Specialty Hospital) or in the excellent care of the Richmond Animal Hospital.

Update for February 7:

We are happy to share the news that, as part of her ongoing rehabilitation, Isabelle is now in a foster home where she is receiving the required treatments for her ongoing injuries.

While her health has stabilized, Isabelle requires detailed daily care for her injuries, as well as for her anxiety. Her specialized care, which includes administering daily medications and skin ointments, bathing and other medical care, may continue for years. Isabelle had part of her tail amputated due to ongoing infection. She is receiving significant amounts of skin barrier oils and will probably need these for the rest of her life to stabilize the surface of her skin and prevent infections. It is uncertain how much normal sensation she will regain in the affected areas. She may lack sensation, which could contribute to trauma and injury from cold and heat in an uncontrolled external environment or may have long-term issues with itch or pain. She therefore must not be exposed to the elements and requires indoor accommodation.

It is important for Isabelle to remain on a therapeutic dermatological diet for the treatment of her skin.

Isabelle’s eyes will need ongoing treatment for ulcers and edema. These factors have negatively impacted Isabelle’s vision but she is still can still see and we are hoping for the best.

Isabelle has been vaccinated and boosted by RAPS to help prevent her body from contracting contagious diseases. This is important as her body is stressed and so more susceptible to contagious illness.

Isabelle is a trooper. She is a very loving and good-natured dog. She has the potential to live a long and healthy life once she recovers from her injuries. But the trauma she has experienced and the ongoing medical treatment she requires means that Isabelle must be in a safe and dedicated environment where she can receive the medical attention, love and care she deserves to heal properly. That is why we are so delighted that a foster family has stepped up to provide Isabelle with the love and attention she requires as she heals.

We hope this update provides you with the hope and inspiration for Isabelle’s future, which has been made possible because of your generosity. Isabelle’s case, thankfully, is an extreme one, but the dedication to providing medical care and individualized attention to every animal, based on our no-kill ethos, is exemplified by our dedication to caring for Isabelle. Your continued generosity assures us that you support us in this crucial mission.

When you give … they live. Thank you.