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RAPS and PetSmart Teaming Up

PetSmart Bridgeport is teaming with the Richmond Animal Protection Society to make life better for the animals and people of Richmond.

One of the most important things we are doing is partnering to find forever homes for the animals in our care. PetSmart is the obvious place to educate people about the opportunities that RAPS has to enrich their lives with a companion animal. PetSmart will help RAPS introduce some of the animals in our care to some of the people whose lives and homes can be made even better by sharing it with an animal looking for a loving home.

PetSmart will provide space where people can meet cats, rabbits, birds and small animals that are available for adoption.

The location is also hosting an adoption fair on Sept. 16, where dogs in RAPS’ care will be on hand to meet potential forever families. Adoption advisors will be available to discuss the benefits and responsibilities of adoption and to accept applications from potential adoptive families.

RAPS is thrilled to have great community partners like PetSmart Bridgeport. Kyle Reseigh, store manager, and Carlos Lopez, assistant manager, toured the RAPS facility and met some of the people and other animals of RAPS recently and we look forward to lots more visits.

Because of an amazing network of corporate and community partners, as well as hundreds of volunteers, RAPS is able to deliver superb services to animals on modest budgets.

Stay tuned for more great news about RAPS’ partnership with PetSmart!


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