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Adoption News!

13925690_1104217776292397_8087568493031566215_o 13906632_1104217686292406_9064320860634156227_nGet ready for a heartwarming story. Jackson came to RAPS as a stray. He was in very bad shape. He was filthy, and his coat was so overgrown it could only be described as a “dreadlock afro.” He also had rotten teeth, was dehydrated, and had not been neutered despite being around 7 years old. After a painstaking “pre-groom” by one of our Kennel Attendants, Christine at Christine’s Grooming Studio spruced him right up into the handsome dog you can see in the photos.

Despite what we can only assume was a hard life for Jackson up until now, he had the most happy-go-lucky disposition we had ever seen. Nothing phased him. He was friends with every other dog at the shelter, and he would happily climb into anyone’s lap. All the RAPS staff and volunteers couldn’t help but laugh when they saw his goofy grin.

In a marathon vet visit, Jackson was neutered, tattooed, had dental work done, and had a lump removed from his side. He recovered like a champ and just as we were about to put him up for adoption, he met Sonic. Sonic is one of our long-time small dog walking volunteers. She was looking for a calm older small dog to add to her family and she couldn’t help but fall in love with Jackson.

Thank you to all staff, volunteers, and medical personnel who helped give Jackson a second chance at the life he deserves!