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Rabbit release at Rabbitats

Yesterday was a very special day for 21 of our shelter rabbits. Many of them had spent upwards of 2-3 years caged and alone, repeatedly overlooked because of their age, colour or temperament.

Yesterday, all 21 of these rabbits were released with 10 other rabbits to form a colony of 31. What a joyful moment to see them slowly venture out of their carriers, take their first tentative steps and then soon begin exploring. Within minutes, they were running loose, nibbling at their salad, and then lounging around.

Rabbits are social creatures and their natural instinct is to live in groups; giving them the opportunity to be cage-free and develop new relationships is equivalent to giving them a second lease on life. Once they establish boundaries and set the chain of command within the colony, these rabbits will co-exist happily as one family unit.

We would not have been able to make this happen without the help of Rabbitats. Rabbitats is graciously holding the group while we construct the first stage of our new Rabbit Enclosure. It was one step closer to our end goal. Huge thanks of appreciation to Rabbitats for helping RAPS and for helping the rabbits!

by Julie Desgroseillers