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The ‘S’ Litter

The “S” Litter came to RAPS the same day as the eight “Triangle Beach” cats. This second group of eight was found the previous night by a man who intercepted a raccoon who was moments away from attacking a mother cat and her litter of kittens. He kindly took all six kittens and two adult cats into his home overnight. The “S” litter, comprised of mother Silvie, her six three-week-old kittens (Sassafras, Scamper, Skitter, Scout, Scrappy and Scooter) and another female adult, Suki.

Although every cat in the group had fleas and some suffered from an upper respiratory infection, they were all in reasonable condition and friendly! The kittens varied in weight from 300 grams to 750 grams, so their weights were monitored daily and extra bottle feedings were given to ensure each kitten received his or her fill. The sick cats were treated with oral medication and eye drops.

Silvie was just past kittenhood herself, but she has proved to be a fiercely dedicated mother to her kittens. She and her crew were a wonderful, interactive bunch! Once the kittens reached eight weeks of age, they were all placed up for adoption, as were Silvie and Suki. We are happy to report that the entire “S” litter has been adopted and they are all thriving in their new homes.