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Waiting for a tall dark stranger to enter your life?

Look no more.

Smokie, the 3 year old German Shepherd/Irish Wolfhound, is here! Our staff members are puzzled as to why this handsome gentleman has been at the Shelter since last November. He plays coy at first but quickly becomes a shameless charmer. Don’t be alarmed if he puts his big paws on your shoulders – he just wants a hug and a kiss!

Smokie is affectionately known as the “pony” at the Shelter and would do well in a family with large dog experience. Smokie can be picky about his dog friends so he’d need to meet any other dogs he’d be living with before being adopted. Smokie’s best personality trait is definitely his listening skills. If you have the time, he can be your A+ student! Although Smokie has shown no aggression to cats he’d probably do best in a no cat home simply because hounds can have a high prey drive. Smokie lived with kids in his past home so would probably be a great family dog for a home with dog-savvy children!

If you would like to meet Smokie, please contact the shelter.